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If the mountains survive, people will survive. -Environment Minister

May 31, 2024 7:03 pm
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Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Saber Hossain Chowdhury said what happens in the Himalayas affects Bangladesh, so, If the mountains including Himalayas survive, we will survive. Preserving these mountains is essential for our survival. He said climate change poses a significant threat to mountains, glaciers, and ecosystems. The melting of glaciers affects the biodiversity and the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on the water resources originating from these high altitudes. It is a stark reminder of the urgent need for global cooperation and concerted efforts to combat climate change.

Environment Minister said this in his speech as the chief guest while inaugurating a photography exhibition under the theme ‘Mountain Memories: Connecting Peaks and People’ in celebration of Mount Everest Day at the National Chitrashala Auditorium at the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy arranged by the Embassy of Nepal.

Saber Chowdhury said the images of talented photographers remind us of the profound impact that nature has on our lives, inspiring us to cherish and protect the environment that sustains us. As we gaze upon these images, let us remember that every peak climbed, every valley traversed, and every photograph taken is a testament to our collective journey towards a more sustainable and harmonious world.

Minister said the theme of today’s exhibition, “Mountain Memories: Connecting Peaks and People,” beautifully encapsulates the idea that mountains are the bridges that connect us across borders, fostering a sense of global community and shared responsibility. This shared vulnerability unites us with Nepal and other nations in our commitment to environmental sustainability and climate resilience.

Environment Minister commended the photographers for their dedication and artistry in capturing the spirit of the mountains. Your work not only delights and inspires us but also plays a crucial role in raising awareness about the importance of preserving our natural heritage.Together, we can ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to create their own mountain memories and continue the legacy of connecting peaks and people.

Foreign Secretary (Senior Secretary) Masud Bin Momen; Ambassador of Nepal to Bangladesh Ghanshyam Bhandari, Secretary of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Salahuddin Ahmed and Curator of the Photography Exhibition Enam Ul-Haque also spoke in the occasion as special guests.

The event drew a diverse audience, including dignitaries, High Commissioners, Ambassadors, diplomats, environmentalists, photographers, and students, all united by their admiration for the majestic Himalayas.

The ‘Photography Exhibition’ will remain open to the public at the National Chitrashala Auditorium until June 2, 2024, from 11 am to 8 pm offering an opportunity for more people to immerse themselves in the captivating imagery and stories of the mountains.