Aktari Khanam, a woman entrepreneur, has achieved success by running a cattle farm

    Palash Dutta
    February 26, 2021 10:38 pm
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    Dipok Roy, Rangpur Correspondent : More than half a hundred cows are now on his farm from a cow he bought with calves with his own savings of Tk 84,000.  So far, the income has been around 30 lakh rupees by selling some cows.  At present he has 36 more cows on his farm.  Of which 12 are Fijian cows, 10 are bulls, 6 are calves, 6 are calves and 2 are pregnant Indian Mundi breed cows.  3 unemployed youths have got employment in his farm to take care of these.  Each of them (one person) pays a monthly salary of 6 thousand rupees.  The above story is about a woman farmer in Taraganj upazila of Rangpur.  She is Aktari Khanam, wife of Asaduzzaman Asad of Jummapara village in Hariyarkuthi union of the upazila.  She is a successful cattle farmer as well as a woman entrepreneur in the information center of Hariyarkuthi Union Parishad.

    On the spot, it was seen that his cattle farm was adjacent to his house in Jummapara village, just half a kilometer west-south of Dangirhat Bazar in Hariarkuthi Union.  There is a signboard with the name of the farm hanging above the main gate of the farm.  So that it is written “RFT Dairy Farm” and Memorandum No.-Farm Regiment / B-4 / 16-17 / 500 and Registration No. / Color CD-2113 (Date: 19-3-17), One House One Farm Member No. 25 (  Date: 26-10-2010).  The farm has been built in a modern way.  Surveillance has been taken to protect cows from theft.  Several CCTV cameras have been installed around the house and the farm.  There are three young men employed to keep the farm clean and tidy, to feed the cows on time, and to take care of the cows.  There are 4 straw cutting machines for making cow feed.

    Talking to farmer Aktari Khanam and her husband Asaduzzaman Asad, it is learned that Aktari Khanam’s husband Asad lives in Dhaka.  Asad is the principal of MA Majid School and College, Gazipur, Dhaka and a founding member of Uttara United College, Uttara, Dhaka.  Leaving her husband, she did not spend time alone in the village.  In mid-2015, she collected some Rs 64,000 from her husband and some money from her husband to buy a Fijian cow with calves.  The cow used to give 12 to 15 liters of milk per day.  In addition to having a good time tending to the cows, he started earning extra money every day.  This encouraged him to buy a few more cows.  A few days later, she bought two more Fijian calves from her husband.  After a few months, both of these calves become adults and give birth.  Thus the number of cows in his farm is increasing one by one.  At present, his farm has a total of 36 cows, both large and small.  If he needs some of this money, he gets 30 lakh rupees by selling some cows on the farm.  Biogas is used in his home cooking.  Which is used from the dung of this farm.

    Asked about the daily income from the farm at present, Akhtari Khanam said the Fijian cows on her farm give 12 to 15 liters of milk per day.  And two cows of Indian Mundi breed give up to 40 liters of milk each.  His farm usually produces about 250 liters of milk per day.  However, when a cow becomes pregnant, the minimum milk production on the farm is reduced to 150 liters.  Which is the source of his income from this farm.

    Asked about the diet of the cows on his farm, he said 36 cows need 2 sacks of choppers, 2 sacks of pulses and corn husks and 2 sacks of feed and quantity of hay and hay on his farm every day.

    Asked about the naming of the farm RFT, Asad and Akhtari Khanam said they have no sons.  It is named after three daughters.  Eldest daughter Rabeya Bashari Tamanna (18), eldest daughter Fatema Akhter Tinni (14) and youngest daughter Labiba Tabassum (5).  The farm has been named RFT Dairy Farm by connecting the first letters of the names of the three daughters.

    Taraganj Upazila Animal Resources Department Veterinary Surgeon.  Sagarika Karzji said cattle farming is an easily lucrative profession.  This profession requires less capital and space.  As a result of the development of women’s empowerment, women are moving forward in all directions today.  Not only do you have to work outside, but building a farm with a little capital on your own initiative is also a job.  The success of dairy farmer Aktari Khanam is an example of this.  Seeing Akhtari Khanam, I wish that other unemployed young women also reach the threshold of success by running a cattle farm and eliminate their unemployment.

    Upazila Animal Resources Officer.  AKM Farhad Noman said the Bangladesh government is encouraging unemployed young men and women to become entrepreneurs in order to eradicate unemployment.  He has taken various initiatives for the farmers in his continuity.  Many farms have suffered financially during the Corona period.  Incentive measures have been taken considering their loss.  A list of farmers has been prepared and sent to Dhaka.  In a few days, the farmers will get the benefit of their incentives.  Moreover, training arrangements have been made for the farmers.  The training activities will be started in a few days.  A few days ago, we vaccinated cows and goats for free against various winter diseases by miking in every village.  In a few days, some vaccines against rabies will be given for free again.  Finally, he wished all-round development to the farmers of Taraganj Upazila.