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Police Torture on Minority Hindus of Bangladesh

September 7, 2017 7:25 am
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Minority Watch:  Ms.Amena Begum ( Superintendent of Police) Narsingdi District of Bangladesh threatening Adv. Rabindra Ghosh and his HR Team not to investigate Police torture upon Minority Victims at Narsingdi Sadar police station on 25.08.2017. She also comparing HR situation of INDIA in comparison with Bangladesh.

A Human Rights Team consisting Adv. Rabindra Ghosh, T.K. Pandey, Gobindo Gomasta of Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) went to Narsingdi Sadar Police station and the spot on 25.08.2017 for fact finding on the allegation of police torture on Minority Hindu victims – Shri Pritom Bhowmik (17 ) and Shri Titon Saha (18) with due notice to Ms.Amena Begum – Superintendent of Police, Narsingdi District.

Facts reveals that Ms.Dipti Bhowmik- mother of Pritom Bhowmik of Satirpara Shibbag within Narsingdi Sadar Police station was killed by some unknown perpetrators within the house of Dipti Bhowmik on 08.07.2017. Pritom Bhowmik only son of Ms.Dipti Bhowmik(M) & Prodip Bhowmik(F) went to his school classes, father Prodip Bhowmik (F) went to other places for his business purpose leaving behind Ms. Dipti Bhowmik. Pritom Bhowmik returned from his school classes at about 1.30 p.m. at his residence (4th Floor of the Building). He saw his apartment was found open and without any lock and key and his mother’s dead body was found scattered under the bed room, he became astonished, cried and called police for help.

But Narsingdi Police appeared at the spot and without any inquiry police detained Pritom Bhowmik – son of deceased Dipti Bhowmik without any inquiry and he was taken to Police Super office at Narsingdi who was physically and mentally tortured without any tangible allegation of murder. Noyan Kumar Saha (27) son in law of Dipti Bhowmik lodged a written complain (F.I.R) before the O.C. of Narsingdi Model Police station on 08.07.2017 for alleged murder of Ms.Dipti Bhowmik under section 302/34 of penal code without mentioning any name of accused. (Narsingdi P.S. case No. 21 dated 08.07.2017)

In this case Sub Inspector of Police, Mostaque Ahmed of Narsingdi PS was entrusted with responsibility to investigate the case, but without any investigation Mostaque Ahamed started to beat Pritom Bhowmik for extorting confessional statements and he was detained on 08.07.2017 and police started torture from 31.07.2017 at about 9 pm. to 04.08.2017 up to 10 a.m. He was brutally tortured and electricity shock ( hit by blunt weapon and electricity ) was made with hostile attitudes. He was also produced before a Judicial Magistrate for extorting statements under section 164 of Cr.P.C. who upon serious threat and intimidation spoke which is extra-judicial and illegal acts of violence.

Medical Board consisting five Members including Civil Surgeon-Narsingdi District found multiple injuries on the body of Pritom Bhowmik in their Injury report dated 07.08.2017. Police trying to suppress the facts and threatening other minority witnesses to depose in favor of police atrocities; otherwise those witnesses would be great risk and jeopardy. Statements made by Shri Titon Saha – one of the witnesses was also physically assaulted by police in presence of Ms. Amena Begum – S.P. of Narsingdi Dist. ( ( The statements in Bengali made to our HR team from Titon Saha explaining horrible acts of violence by police is attached herewith for your perusal)

Shri Prodip Bhowmik – father of the Pritom Bhowmik filed a Police Torture case No. 02 of 2017 before the District Judges Court Norsingdi under section 13/15 of Prevention of Torture and killing Act,2013 against Police officer – S;.I. Mohammad Mostaque Ahmed of Narsingdi Sadar police station. The case is pending for investigation. But the detained victim has not yet been granted bail by the District Judges’ court.


I, Adv. Rabindra Ghosh, T.K. Pandey, and Gobindo Gomosta of BDMW took statements of several witnesses who voluntarily said ” Police without any case, warrant order, legal documents arrested the son of deceased mother and tortured physically with iron rod and put electricity shock on the body of the victim and we also inquired Pritom Saha who was at that time within the prison and we could not take his statements, but he refused his involvement with the murder case. We also talked with Pronab Saha, Nayan Kumar Saha, Priyanka Saha who also gave us to understand that Police most illegally targeted Hindu victims due to religious faith, they described. We also met with several local witnesses who also confirmed that police most illegally committed crime against minority people. We also went to local police station to meet with O.C. Md. Abul Kalam Azad who disappeared from the Police station after our arrival at his P.S. We also talked with Ms. Amena Begum – S.P. of Narsingdi District who threatened us not to investigate the matter and talked with angry mood describing present HR situation at India comparing with Bangladesh situation. She said present situation of Bangladesh is better than that of India.

Source of Information : The Daily “Bhorer Kagoj ” dated 15.08.17, The daily “Bangladesh Protidin dated 14th Aug,2017, The daily Protom Alo dated 6th & 8th Aug,2017, The daily “Kaler Kantha” dated 9th July,2017, The daily “Jugantor dated 13th Aug,2017), The daily “Inquilab” dated 15th Aug,2017.


Bangladesh Minority Watch is very much concerned about murder of Ms.Dipti Bhowmik (mother of Pritom Bhowmik).

BDMW is also concerned about police torture on son -Pritom Bhowmik and Titon Saha confining in a room for extorting confessional statements.

BDMW is also concerned about specific threat made to Human Rights defenders during fact-finding;

BDMW also demand urgent action against the Police officers who tortured minority victims during police custody:

Ms.Amena Begum- Superintendent of Police now posted at Narsingdi District should be liable to be prosecuted as per allegations made by the victim’s family.

The other police officers who made electricity shock on the body of two innocent victims should be punished as per law.

An independent Inquiry Team headed by District Judge should be appointed for alleged murder of Dipti Bhowmik and police torture on two minority victims – Titon Saha and Pritom Bhowmik.