Achievements in the 2nd year of Rangpur Metropolitan Police

    Rai Kishori
    January 6, 2021 7:23 pm
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    Dipok Roy, Rangpur Correspondent: 6 police stations in Rangpur metropolitan area have successfully entered their 2nd year and entered 3rd year.  In the second year, more than one and a half thousand crimes have been organized in six police stations and Rangpur Metropolitan Police has recovered drugs worth Rs.  Rangpur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Md Abdul Alim Mahmud said this at a press conference in the auditorium of his office at noon on Wednesday (January 8).

    He told a press conference that in the second year of Rangpur Metropolitan Police, i.e. in the last one year, a total of 1,507 cases have been registered in six police stations under three zones of the crime department.  Of these, 1,410 complaint letters and 103 final reports have been given.  After completing the investigation of the case, 3,046 accused have been arrested and the case has been settled.  In the last one year, a total of 3,848 GR warrants, 2,060 CR warrants and 1,098 sentence warrants (GR and CR) have been disposed of in 6 police stations.  In addition, a total of 2,299 non-FIR prosecutions have been filed to maintain law and order and remedy various legal issues that have arisen.  A total of 56 drug related cases and huge amount of drugs have been recovered by 08 Police Station and Detective Branch (DB).  Among them, 11,173 pieces of yaba, 355.6 kg of cannabis, 198.92 grams of heroin, 690 bottles (500 ml bottle) of phencidyl, 269 liters of distilled liquor, 165 liters of spirits, 5,300 liters of vas and 14 liters of foreign liquor were recovered.  Is.  The total estimated value of which is 1 crore 19 lakh 94 thousand 200 rupees.  The mystery of 19 sensational incidents / cases including murder and murder was revealed.

    Besides, in the last one year, a fine of Tk 2 crore 21 lakh 5 thousand 150 has been collected through 46 thousand 14 cases under 2 zones of the traffic department of Rangpur Metropolitan Police.  Five people from different districts of Rangpur division, including Rangpur city, have been arrested for spreading rumors about the corona virus during the Corona period.

    He also told the press conference that 13,456 liters of soybean oil, 1,550 kg of sugar, 50 kg of pulses, 1,530 kg of rice and 28 kg of onion were recovered through 6 regular cases and 3 mobile courts after recovering illegally stored TCB and OMS products.  Is done.  The estimated value of which is above 15 lakh rupees.  The intelligence department raided 22 privately owned medical, diagnostic centers and clinics in different parts of the city and fined them Tk 890,000 and arrested several fake doctors.  About 120 people were raided in public and private medical, diagnostic centers and clinics and about 35 members of the BRTA and Passport Office were arrested.

    He further said that various activities are underway to raise awareness among the people by holding anti-drug rallies throughout the year.  Various social activities including planting of saplings in different places of the metropolitan area, removal of water blockage of different schools, clearing of long blocked roads for the people, safe drinking water and installation of deep hell wells are going on vigorously.  Militancy Prevention Rangpur Metropolitan Police is always active.  The RPMP’s operations in Sarashi have resulted in the arrest of those involved in sabotage at various times and the recovery of extensive jihadi books and anti-government banner festoons.