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1022 women and children raped in Bangladesh in 10 months

Rai Kishori
December 5, 2023 5:59 pm
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In the 10 months from January to October of this year, 1 thousand 22 women, children and girls were raped in Bangladesh. Among them 362 women and 660 girls.

At the same time, 53 women and 136 female children were also attempted rapes. 13 women and 34 girls were killed after rape. 352 people have been victims of sexual harassment. Among them 96 women and 256 girls.

National Girl Child Advocacy Forum, a non-governmental development organization, gave this information by analyzing the news of 70 national and local newspapers and 28 electronic media of the country.

On Tuesday (December 5), a press conference was organized at Tafazzal Hossain Manik Mia Hall of the National Press Club on the occasion of ‘International Women’s Violence Prevention Party-2023’.

The National Girl Child Advocacy Forum highlighted these facts of violence against women and girl children in this press conference organized in cooperation with the private development organization Educo Bangladesh.

Nachima Akhter Jolly, editor of National Girl Child Advocacy Forum, also said in the press conference that 695 women and girls were killed in the 10 months from January to October this year. Among them 502 women and 193 girls. 590 people committed suicide due to torture. Among them 347 women and 243 girls. Besides, 179 women and 20 female children were victims of domestic violence. 32 women and 136 female children were victims of trafficking and abduction.

Citing the information of a national daily, he further said that according to the information received from the police headquarters, 27 thousand 479 cases of rape have been reported in the last five years (2018-2022) in police stations across the country. There have been 59 thousand 960 cases of torture against women.

On the other hand, according to DMP data, 3 thousand 42 rape cases have been filed in Dhaka in the last five years. Among them 2 thousand 470 women and 572 children. According to their information, in the last five years, only 24 convicts have been convicted in cases of abuse of women and children in Dhaka city alone.

The editor of the National Girl Child Advocacy Forum also said that our women and girls are still not free from discrimination and oppression. Rather, the violence against them is constantly increasing. Women and girls of this country are not safe anywhere in the family, social sphere, educational institutions and vehicles. A major component of violence against women and girls is sexual harassment.

She also said, we think that lack of proper justice plays a major role behind this terrible reality of violence and sexual harassment. We also feel that the absence of specific laws for the prosecution of cases of sexual harassment is a major obstacle to justice.

A proper law is needed for the effective solution of this problem. In view of this reality, we call upon all the political parties of the country to play a role in formulating and implementing the ‘Sexual Harassment Prevention and Protection Act’ and demand the formation of a separate department for children under the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs.