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Rape pregnant girl (17), threatened to withdraw the case

SM Saiful Islam Kabir
November 7, 2023 9:48 pm
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The father of the pregnant girl (17) who was raped in Rampal of Bagerhat has filed a case in the learned court of Bagerhat. Accused’s influential grandfather was allegedly threatening his people to withdraw the case. The family of the helpless victim claimed to be suffering from insecurity.

It has been reported that a man named Tarek Hasan Bappi raped a college student girl (17) of a person in Barni Chairabad village of Rampal upazila. The father of the victim filed a case in the court of Bagerhat Wise Women and Child Torture Prevention Court-2 as a plaintiff in this incident. The court judge ordered the OC of Rampal police station to take action after the hearing on October 12. After receiving a copy of the OC order of Rampal police station, the case was filed on 01-11-2023 by the in-charge of Gaurambha outpost. Assigned Nasir Uddin to investigate. The Investigating Officer produced the victim, a pregnant young woman, in the court of the learned Judicial Magistrate (Rampal) of Bagerhat on Sunday (November 05) afternoon and took her statement under Section 22.

The plaintiff mentioned in his statement that on 10-04-2023 Tarek Hasan Bappi son of Iqbal Gazi of Gouramba village of upazila borrowed 4 thousand taka from the victim. Accused Bappi took them to the vacant watchman’s room of the village telephone tower near their house at 7 pm that day, promising to return the money. The victim is asked to wait as it will be a little late to pay the money. Meanwhile, the evening turns into night. Accused Bappi hugged the victim and raped her at one stage after giving various inducements. If the victim cries, he consoles her by saying that he will marry her. He then threatens to harm your parents if you tell anyone. And if you overdo it, I will leave your video on social media. The college student got scared. The victim went home at 9 pm that day and told her mother about the incident. Later, when the victim’s father was informed about the incident, he was shocked. Later the accused went to Bappi’s father and complained. Concerned about self-respect, accused Bappi and his father Iqbal Ghazi know the matter