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Attacked the temple for not allowed to enter with shoes, injured15 women-children

Tangail Correspondent
January 20, 2024 11:19 am
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Attacked the temple for not allowed to enter with shoes, injured15 women-children. During the kirtan at Tangail, armed gangs of drug-addicted Ashraf and Alamin tried to enter the temple with shoes on. If prevented, they attack men and women and beat them and vandalize idols of nearby houses and temples. At least 15 people including women and children were injured in the attack. 5 people were hospitalized with serious injuries. Attacked the temple

The incident took place on the evening of Friday (January 19) at the Nat Mandir of Kali Mandir in Paila village in Ward No. 9 of Gharinda Union of Sadar Upazila of Tangail.

Locals present at the temple said that, a group of 5-6 people came in the evening and wanted to eat prasad. after eating prasad, they eat and leave. After some time they came again and tried to enter the temple and Bhog house on foot but were stopped. Angered and going back, after some time Ashraf-Alamin with a group of 50/60 people brought weapons and started vandalism.by this, the armed gangs of Ashraf and Alamin attacked the men and women attending the kirtan and beat them up and vandalized the nearby houses and idols of the temple. Attacked the temple

Nama Yajna program committee and locals said that due to the neighboring village some identified drug addicts and terrorists came to the event and wanted to eat Paesh prasad, they were given Paesh. Payesh is also given as per their demand. At one point they forcefully entered the Bhog room with shoes. At that time when they were stopped, they got angry while leaving, as per pre-planned, they asked their other companions to come to the spot and they got out. About 40 minutes later, an armed group of at least 50/60 people attacked the family of the Uttarpara Sanatan religious minority. At least 15 people including women and children were injured in the attack. Five of them have been admitted to Tangail General Hospital as their condition is critical. The victims demanded exemplary punishment of the terrorists. Tangail Model Police Station is preparing a case in this incident. Attacked the temple

Chandan Rajvanshi said, they were intoxicated, I gave them 4/5 times payesh. Still this happened. It seems premeditated. Eating Prasad is only an excuse.

Suman Mia, an eyewitness to this incident, said that the incident was pre-planned and the attack was carried out on the orders of a top local leader of Sadar Upazila Awami League. He said that Sharif, the leader’s all-time companion, led the attack.

The local member of parliament received the news. Senior officials of the administration including Chanoar Hossain visited the scene. Meanwhile, Member of Parliament Chanwar Hossain said that these outsiders have attacked and vandalized to stop the religious ceremony. He promised to arrest those involved and punish them quickly.

Tangail Sadar Upazila Parishad Chairman Shahjahan Ansari, Tangail Sadar Upazila Awami League General Secretary Tofazzal Hossain Khan Tofa visited the scene.