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Brought from Dhaka and raped on the pretense of marriage

Syed Rakibul Islam from Dasar
September 9, 2023 9:00 pm
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A case has been registered with the police station regarding the rape of a domestic worker (40) on the pretense of marriage in Dasar of Madaripur. On Friday afternoon, the victim filed a case at the Dasar police station as a plaintiff. Later on Saturday (September 09) afternoon, the victim told the newsmen.

The accused are Dulal Howladar (30), son of Eskander Howladar of Magura Madaripur village of Gournadi upazila of Barisal district, Md Idris Howladar (50), son of deceased Kader Howladar of the same area, Md Manik Sheikh (30), son of Rokman Sheikh of East Dasar village of Dasar upazila of Madaripur district, Dhaka. Babu alias Manik (40), a tea shopkeeper in Mirpur area of ​​the district.

According to the source of the case, after the death of the maid’s husband, she lived with her family in a rented house in Dhaka’s Mirpur area. On that occasion, he met Babu alias Manik, a tea shopkeeper in front of his house. Tea shopkeeper Babu said that Md. Manik Sheikh (30) has a good son. In that case, he talks about going door to door. We will all marry him if he likes. The victim woman agreed with Babu’s words. Later, accused Manik Sheikh left for Magura Madaripur area of ​​Gournadi Upazila of Barisal district from Mirpur area of ​​Dhaka last Wednesday (06 September) on his motorcycle. Later when Barisal reaches Gournadi, Manik Sheikh says you will get married to Dulal Howladar. You know his house by looking at it. Later from there they brought the victim to the Kalam dealer’s house in Dasar upazila of Madaripur at around nine o’clock at night. Kalam Bepari allowed them to stay in the house due to the fact that he was a relative of accused Idris.

After that, Kalam Bepari’s wife gave us food and after eating, everyone fell asleep. Then Dulal Hawladar, Manik Sheikh, Idris and the victim women sat in the television room and watched television. Meanwhile, Manik Sheikh offered the victim to have sexual relations with Dulal Howlada. If the woman did not agree to this, they threatened to kill me and raped me at Dulal Howladar. Later that night they escaped. Later on Thursday morning, the owner of the house, Kalam Bepari, was the victim of the woman