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A female hotel worker Jaya Burman was publicly hacked to death

Rai Kishori
September 29, 2023 1:01 pm
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A female laborer named Jaya Burman was hacked to death inside Mirzapur Bus Terminal Canteen in Dinajpur, Bangladesh.

On Wednesday September 27 at around 6:30 pm, local people rushed to see a woman lying on the road in front of the Fighter Club adjacent to the Mirzapur Bus Terminal. And after seeing severe wounds and blood in various parts of her body, she was rushed to the hospital.

According to the information provided by Dinajpur Kotwali police station, the deceased is Jaya Burman (32) wife of Swapan Roy of Bandanga village of Thakurgaon Pirganj police station. Jaya Burman lived in a rented house with her 13-year-old daughter studying in class 7 and worked at Abdul Jabbar’s hotel at the bus terminal. She later converted and married a man named Abedin.

Police and locals said that Jaya Burman was returning home in the evening after working at a hotel during the day on Wednesday. A few hundred yards away from the hotel, Abedin’s men hacked her openly with sharp weapons. After that the locals rescued her in a bloody state and took her to Dinajpur Medical College Hospital where the duty doctor declared her dead.

Additional Superintendent of Police, Sadar Circle, Sheikh Jinnah Al Mamun, while visiting the scene, said that operations and investigations are continuing to unravel the real mystery of the murder and arrest the accused.

However, Md Jabbar, the owner of Hotel Saudia at the bus terminal, could not be contacted. Meanwhile, many bus workers said that the deceased Jaya Burman had been working in this hotel for about five months. She was not seen in the hotel for five or six days, today she was seen again in the hotel.

When asked if any incident was happening earlier? Some members of the bus workers said that the deceased Jaya was very well. They commented that we did not hear or see any quarrel with anyone. However, after marrying Abedin, Jaya was subjected to various physical tortures. Jaya, realizing her mistake, regrets it and cuts off contact with Abadin. As a result, Abedin did this in anger.