Meeting between Bangladesh Ambassador to Uzbekistan and Rector in charge of Tashkent Medical Academy

Bangladesh Embassy, Uzbekistan
November 24, 2023 8:19 pm
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Bangladesh Ambassador to Uzbekistan Dr. Mohammad Monirul Islam held a meeting with the Rector in charge of Tashkent Medical Academy Dr. Shukhrat Boymuradov today (24 November 2023) at latter’s office. Dr. Murod Jafarov MD along with other officials from the Embassy and Academy were also in attendance during the meeting. Referring to the current context, especially in the post-pandemic period, the meeting underlined the importance of giving renewed emphasis on science, technology and innovation, especially in health and medical fields.

Given the expanding relations between Bangladesh and Uzbekistan, that is deeply rooted in historical, cultural and religious ties as well as shared aspirations for prosperity, Ambassador Dr. Islam stressed the need for effective academic and educational collaborations between the two countries. He categorically underscored the necessity for exploring the possibility of formalizing cooperation at institution level in areas of health and medicines, in particular. Highlighting the quality of medical educations as well as experience and expertise of Bangladeshi professionals, he drew the attention of Rector in charge in facilitating interactions of students, teachers, researchers and health professionals between the two countries.

Rector in charge Dr. Boymuradov expressed his willingness to conclude a collaborative arrangement with a relevant institution of Bangladesh. Terming the Tashkent Medical Academy as one of the leading educational institutes in Uzbekistan, he informed of the international cooperations it has with other countries, with special mention to the countries in South Asia. He also briefed Ambassador of the history, curriculum, faculties, facilities and achievements of the Academy.

The meeting ended with re-affirming the commitment of working together to further promote and expand academic and educational ties between the two countries for the mutual benefits of the peoples of Bangladesh and Uzbekistan.