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Legal notice against 5 people for serving beef to Sanatani

March 24, 2023 4:01 pm
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Legal notice against 5 responsible management officers of the celebration committee for serving beef by talking about beef among the students and dignitaries of Sanatan religious Hindu community and the invited dignitaries in the meeting held on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee of Cox’s Bazar Government College. serving beef to sanatani

On Thursday (March 23), the notice on behalf of Bulbul Talukder was sent by the President of Bangladesh Supreme Court Hindu Lawyers Council and General Secretary of Bangladesh Sanatan Party (BSP).  Adv Suman Kumar Roy.

To whom notice has been sent— 1. Diamond Jubilee Celebration Parishad Chairman, Cox’s Bazar District Awami League General Secretary and Cox’s Bazar Municipality Mayor Mr. Mujibur Rahman, 2. Diamond Jubilee Celebration Parishad Co-Chairman and Principal of Cox’s Bazar Government College Prof. Gias Uddin, 3. Diamond Jubilee Celebration Council member secretary and former principal of Cox’s Bazar Government College Professor Fazlul Karim, 4. Diamond Jubilee Parishad convener and assistant professor Mahmudul Haque Chowdhury and 5. Diamond Jubilee Celebration Council Member Secretary and Assistant Professor Muhammad Ullah.

The notice giver and crores of Sanatan communities respect the sentiments and Sanatan religious sentiments and apologize through social media and media, why you should not be taken recourse to any civil and criminal court in the country for hurting the Sanatan religious sentiments. It was requested to inform the giver of the notice within 15 (fifteen) days of the receipt of the claim and its explanation and reply. Otherwise, you will be forced to seek redressal by filing a suit in the learned court in accordance with the civil and criminal laws prevailing in the country. All liability for which shall rest entirely with you/your legal notice recipient.

It is said in the notice that it is normal for people of all religions to join Cox’s Bazar Government College institution spontaneously. By creating a divide in the food menu at the Diamond Jubilee reunion, the government college family has cleverly created a wall between the Sanatan and the Muslims, which is by no means desirable in Bangladesh’s independent.

The notice also said that on such a holy occasion, the provision of separate food and seating arrangement of “beef” for the Muslim community and “goat meat” for the sanatani brothers has not only dulled the event, but has clearly revealed the communal attitude of the members of the celebration committee of the event. Many of the attendees left the venue in frustration, anger and disgust. Which has spoiled the beauty of this great event, not only that, but has tarnished the reputation of Cox’s Bazar district as a traditional and reputable district which will be marked as a scandalous chapter in the history of Bangladesh in the future.

The notice also stated that in a pre-planned public meeting like Cox’s Bazar Government College’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, beef was served among the Sanatani community in the name of serving beef to the Muslim community and goat meat to the Sanatani community in order to denigrate the Sanatani community in the society. A communal far-reaching conspiracy. Millions of orthodox people of the world are extremely disappointed, shocked, shocked and hurt. He expressed his anger on social media. Which is extremely hurtful and defamatory to the sentiments of billions of sanatani communities. Which is against the constitution of independent Bangladesh.

In the legal notice, he also mentioned that he has created an alliance among all the communities living in Bangladesh, which is completely contrary to the constitution of non-communal Bangladesh and the independent Bangladesh gained in exchange for the liberation war, and it is just a blue design and a dirty trick to embarrass the current liberation war’s government in order to destabilize the country.

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