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Chairman Ejaz kidnapped the raped woman from the hospital to file a case

January 29, 2024 9:19 am
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A young lady (28) who was raped by Upazila Chairman Gazi Ejaz Ahmed in Khulna was abducted from the hospital when she tried to file a case. It is said that the accused upazila chairman Gazi Ejaz Ahmed kidnapped the girl in filmi style. Some were attacked when journalists went to take pictures.

The incident took place at Khulna Medical College Hospital premises on Sunday (January 28) around 5 pm. The woman was with her mother and brother awaiting clearance from the hospital’s One-Stop Crisis Center (OCC). At that time, 20-25 young men picked him up in a Hayes microbus and left quickly in front of lawyers and journalists.

The kidnappers’ car was guarded by a private car and some other youths on motorcycles.

At that time, the excited crowd and the people inside the hospital arrested Dumuria Upazila Chairman Gazi Ejaz Ahmed’s cousin Rudaghra UP Chairman Gazi Tauhiduzzaman and handed him over to the police on duty.

Eyewitnesses said that around 5 pm, after the examination at the OCC of Khulna Medical College Hospital, the victim girl Swapna mondal was going to her mother and brother who were waiting in front of the OCC with the clearance certificate. At that time 20-25 youths led by Rudaghra UP Chairman Gazi Tauhiduzzaman, cousin of Dumuria Upazila Chairman Gazi Ejaz Ahmed, who was accused of raping the woman, picked her up filmi style.

When the journalists went to take pictures of the incident, they were attacked by some youths.

OCC coordinator Dr. Suman Roy said, after physical examination, the victim woman was given to the custody of her mother and brother at around 5 pm according to her (the victim’s) decision. Earlier the OC (Investigation) of Dumuria police station took her statement. Suman said,  the girl said in the statement that she is not willing to file a case in the police station. She wants to file a case in the court instead of the police station. She thinks that she will not get justice if he files a case at the police station. I told  Swapna  she has no reason to fear. Her documents are in OCC. She then moved in with her brother and mother. But I can’t say what happened after going out.

Advocate Mominul Islam, coordinator of Bangladesh Human Rights Implementation Agency, said, “We went to the OCC of the hospital on Sunday afternoon with a delegation of 7 members to provide legal assistance to the woman. A stranger was taking the woman’s permit. When asked to know his identity, the people in charge of OCC threw everyone out. Within seconds of stepping out, 15/20 men forcibly took the woman and her mother into the microbus. Two journalists were injured during the scuffle with them.

This lawyer said that OCC is a safe haven for rape victims. We are appalled by the manner in which the victim was abducted from there.

Khulna Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner (Sonadanga) Abu Nasser. Al Amin said, “We have information that the woman went with her mother. The incident is being investigated. Gazi Tauhid is in our custody.

Earlier on last Saturday night, the woman complained of rape against Gazi Ejaz Ahmed, Dumuria upazila chairman and district Awami League member of Khulna. The woman was admitted to the One Stop Crisis Center (OCC) of Khulna Medical College Hospital at 11:30 pm on Saturday. However, Dumuria Upazila Chairman Ejaz Ahmed denied the woman’s complaint against him.