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In Bangladesh, Iqbal was sentenced to 16 months for insulting the Quran and Hindu was jailed for years on false rumors

Rai Kishori
March 3, 2023 8:20 pm
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The court has ordered the release of Mohammad Iqbal Hossain, the mastermind behind the destruction of 300 puja mandaps, the destruction of thousands of Hindu homes and the killing of five Hindus by creating riots by placing Qurans in Comilla’s temples. On the other hand, Rasharaj of Nasirnagar, Paritosh Sarkar (21) of Pirganj Rangpur 11 years, Rakesh of Jakiganj Sylhet 7 years, Sujan Dey of Langadu Police Station Rangamati 7 years, and school teacher Debabrata Das of Noakhali were sentenced to 8 years imprisonment only on the pretext of insulting religion on Facebook. The masterminds behind the incident are out of touch.

On Thursday (March 02), Dhaka Cyber Tribunal Judge AM Zulfikar Hayat gave this verdict 1 year 4 months 10 days after the arrest of Md Iqbal. The court noted that Iqbal has been in jail for 16 months. The court directed the jail authorities to release him if there is no warrant in other cases.

On October 12, 2021, Iqbal left the Durga Puja Mandap on the banks of Nanua Dighi in Comilla with a mace in his hand, placing the Quran on Lord Hanuman’s thigh. 30-year-old Iqbal is the son of Noor Ahmad Alam of Muradpur-Laskarpukur area of Comilla city. 5000 cases were filed in Durga Puja attack. Iqbal was arrested on October 21 from Sugandha Point in Cox’s Bazar when there was a huge uproar in this incident. The judge sentenced Mohammad Iqbal Hossain, the main accused in the Quran desecration case, to 1 year and 4 months imprisonment. Iqbal is being released as the sentence has expired to get the verdict. Mohammad Iqbal’s sentencing case was filed at Tongi East police station in Gazipur. After confessing to the crime, Judge AM Zulfiqar Hayet of Dhaka’s Cyber Tribunal pronounced the sentence against him on October 2. Government counsel Nazrul Islam Shamim said that Iqbal had submitted the application through his lawyer, admitting involvement in keeping Quran Sharif in the puja mandap and hurting religious sentiments.

Again, when this incident of vandalism, looting, killing in the case of keeping the Quran Sharif in Comilla’s pujamandap, some people inquired about it. In this incident, a CCTV video footage of 16 minutes and 52 seconds went viral in the media.

It was seen there how the accused Iqbal Hussain entered the worship hall with Quran Sharif from the mosque and returned from the hall with mace in hand.

It can be seen in the CCTV footage that came to the media, Khadem Faisal and Hafez Humayun of the shrine entered the mosque at 10:38 PM on October 12. Then Iqbal entered the mosque at 10:58 PM. Khadem Faisal and Hafez Humayun are also seen talking to Iqbal. At exactly 11 pm, all three of them left there.

Iqbal was seen re-entering the mosque and taking the Quran at around 2:12 that night. At that time, an unidentified person was sleeping and another was praying. Two minutes later, he was seen leaving the Quran on the floor. Then at 2:18 PM, he entered the mosque again and was seen leaving the mosque with the Quran on the floor. After leaving the mosque, he was seen walking towards the temple on the main road.

Later, he went to Pujamandap after turning Chawkbazar Standard Bank, Social Islami Bank and Pubali Bank. At that time two night watchmen met him. Iqbal also spoke with them. After that, Iqbal entered Nanua Dighi Pujamandap through Digambaritala road with Quran in hand. Later, the Quran was placed on the foot of the Hanuman idol next to the three idols of Sita on the footpath beside the road outside the main shrine. Then Iqbal took Hanuman’s mace in his hand and left.

Note That, The sentence was pronounced in the presence of the accused. It should be noted that Rasharaj of Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar has been jailed for several years without committing a crime, Paritosh Sarkar (21) of Pirganj, Rangpur has been jailed for 11 years on the pretext of insulting religion on Facebook. Rakesh jailed for 7 years in Jakiganj, Sylhet, accused of insulting Islam, Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by hacking Facebook ID. Sujan, a tailor of Rangamati’s Longadu police station, was jailed for 7 years on the charge of hurting religious sentiments. The court has sentenced Noakhali tool teacher Debbrata Das to 8 years in prison for insulting the Holy Prophet Mohammad. Jhumon Das of Shalla was arrested twice for posting a picture of hanging a donation box at the gate of a temple asking for money to build a mosque, a college student from Manikganj was jailed on the pretext of insulting Islam because he did not agree to a love proposal. Meanwhile, Md. Iqbal, who is a Muslim, was jailed for only 16 months for placing the Quran at the god Hanuman’s feet.