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Housewife raped in Satkhira, admitted to hospital

Satkhira Correspondent
August 26, 2023 1:57 pm
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It has been alleged that a housewife (22) mother of one child was raped in Satkhira. In the early hours of Saturday (August 26) in a village near Patkelghata market, the husband was victimized when he was not at home. At present, the housewife is undergoing treatment at Satkhira Sadar Hospital.

Accused Ariful Islam (32) is son of Abul Kalam of Par-Kumira village near Patkelghata Bazar. He earns his living by renting motorcycles.

The housewife’s mother-in-law said that her son is a truck driver by profession. Due to the demands of his profession, he often has to be outside. Later on Friday evening, the boy left for Chittagong with the cargo truck. At night the grandmother and her grandson were sleeping in one room. In the early morning, Ariful entered the house with a special trick and raped her grandmother by tying her hands and face. When she and her husband were woken up by the screams of their grandson who was sleeping next to them, Ariful ran away before they entered the grandmother’s house. Later, his bloody grandmother was admitted to Satkhira Sadar Hospital. Currently, his grandmother is under treatment at Sadar Hospital.

The raped housewife said that six months ago Ariful raped her by cutting the fence of her house in the absence of her husband. However, when he was arbitrator, the arbitrators scolded him and forgave him.

Doctor of the emergency department of Sadar Hospital. Mahfuzur Rahman said that initially it seemed that the housewife was a victim of rape.

Mahmud Hossain, OC of Patkelghata police station, said that he sent the police to the spot after hearing the incident. Legal action will be taken if complaints are received.