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Cooperation in the War of Independence and recognition of Israel before the Islamic country

October 11, 2023 12:07 am
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Cooperation in the War of Independence and recognition of Israel before the Islamic country. In 1971, apart from Russia, the country that helped India on behalf of Bangladesh was Israel. Israel recognized Bangladesh as an independent country on 4th February 1972 before many Muslim countries and wanted to establish diplomatic relations. But the then foreign minister of Bangladesh, Khondkar Mushtaq Ahmed, rejected the recognition of Israel by writing a letter.

Israel is far from being recognized by Bangladesh, a Bangladeshi cannot even travel to Israel. In 2003, Bangladeshi journalist Salah Chowdhury was jailed for seven years for traveling to Israel. Bangladesh maintains diplomatic relations with Pakistan, which committed genocide of 3 million in 1971, but not with Israel, which helped in the liberation war and was among the first to recognize independent Bangladesh.

Israel established diplomatic relations with India in 1992. Two or three years after India’s independence, the world-renowned Jewish scientist Einstein requested Nehru to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, but everyone from Nehru to Indira Gandhi was hesitant, because it would create animosity among Indian Muslims and worsen relations with Arab countries in the Middle East. PV Narasimha Rao, the architect of India’s economic reforms, scorned these hypocrisies after becoming Prime Minister and established diplomatic relations with Israel. Since then Israel has been a true friend of India. India has benefited many times more than Israel has benefited from India-Israel relations. Israeli assistance in science and technology, agriculture, space research, defense technology and financial services has enriched India and continues to do so.

In 1999, Israel was the only country that helped India with sophisticated radar and satellites during the Kargil war with Pakistan. A small country, the population is only 70-80 lakhs.

With the creation of Israel in 1948, it was attacked simultaneously by five Arab countries – Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. He is supposed to die in the year of his birth. But like child Krishna’s Kaliya Daman, Israel defeated much bigger invading nations. In 1969 and Three NO’s – War of Attrition “NO peace, NO recognition, NO negotiation – destroy the State of Israel” – 630 times the big Arab countries passed the resolution – the destruction of Israel is the only thing desired. Egypt’s charismatic president, Gamel Abdel Nasser, led his fellow Arab nations to attack Israel. The war lasted only six days. Another miserable defeat. Israel completely destroyed the Egyptian planes. Gamel Abdel Nasser died of a heart attack the following year at the age of 52.

6th October 1973. Israel is attacked again. The day was “Yom Kippur” – a holy day in the Jewish calendar. The Israeli army, intoxicated by the festival, was not prepared for a sudden attack on 12 Arab countries at once. It took them two or three days to turn around. It is known in history as the “Yom Kippur” war. Guess the outcome of the battle.

Now take a look at the reason for the genocide in Gaza. Any relationship suffers from mistrust of each other. The former PLO and the present HAMAS and Israel are unwilling to give way to anyone. Arab countries support Israel and support Hamas. HAMAS targets Israel by firing missiles from populated areas of Palestine, technologically advanced Israel has a missile shield – “Iron Dome”. , they can resist that attack. Israel strikes back. Bombing with warplanes came to the occupied areas of Hamas. The result is the death of thousands of innocent Palestinians even as Israel manages to protect its own citizens. The Arab mentality is still dependent on the “Three No’s” – “No Peace, No Recognition, No Negotiation – Destroy the State of Israel.”

A few years ago, Iran’s religious leader Ayatullah Khomeini requested the entire Islamic world to “Boycott anything and everything that originates with the Jewish people.”

This time, look at the contribution of the “cursed” Jewish nation to the advancement of science, literature and human civilization. Without their contribution, people would have fallen back centuries. 1) 51 Nobel Prizes in Physics (26% of Physics Nobels) 2) 36 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry (20% of Chemistry Nobels) 3) 55 Nobel Prizes in Medicine or Physiology (26% of Medicine Nobels) 4) 29 Nobel Prizes in Economics Prizes (38% of Economics Nobels) 5) 9 Nobel Prizes in Peace (9% of Peace Nobels) 6) 14 Nobel Prizes in Literature (13% of Literature Nobels) Worldwide Jewish population is just over 1.5 million (about 70 -8 million in Israel, the rest in various countries of the world).

An Israeli journalist raised a question, like Khomeini’s words, the entire Muslim world is far away, only if Iran boycotts “anything and everything of Jewish people”, then Iran’s children should stop taking polio vaccination because it is the invention of a Jewish scientist. Syphilis and gonorrhea diseases of Iranian Muslims and Khomeini’s heart disease and diabetes are treated with medicines invented by Jewish scientists. From diphtheria to earache, from brain damage to psychological treatment, from insulin to streptomycin, everything was invented by Jewish scientists. They didn’t even get 55 Nobel Prizes in Medicine.