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October 24, 2017 6:41 pm
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Sekhar Roy:  Bangladesh under Sk Hasina has made lives of Hindus a hell despite huge support rendered by the neighbouring India on all fronts. Even lives of secular democratic minded Muslim citizens are not safe in the country. The situation has deteriorated from bad to worse day by day and Hasina government failed to protect human rights and freedom of expression of the citizens.

Nevertheless, the meet organised by Bangladesh Minority Rights Alliance, Canada, it is well represented by citizens of the BD majority community in good number. The participants were united that Hasina government must table a Constitution amendment to remove Bismillah Rahim e Rahim and other words from the existing biased Constitution and be supplemented with secular wordings to make the country a true secular democratic socialist republic.

The Conference demanded recall of the Supreme Court Chief Justice S K Sinha immediately. Bangladesh under Hasina must move forward towards a mature democracy and hold free and fair election under a neutral government appointed by the President of the country. Representatives from Asia, America and European Continent met in Toronto on 21st of this month to discuss the role of Bangladesh minority people in the upcoming general election in the country. Hindu and other minorities have so far been considered a safe vote bank of the ruling Awami League headed by Hasina, yet the present minority population of the country seems unhappy with the ruling dispensation owing to ongoing atrocities include land grabbing, destruction of Hindu deities, raping of Hindu women and killing them that forced them to cross over to India for shelter what Rabindra Ghosh President BD Minority Watch informed the Conference that Hindus are crossing over to India not less than 500 in a regular manner in each day.

This is the first time that BD minority community has formed its separate political outfit to contest the election. Bangladesh Janata Party (BJP) formed with secular democratic ideology and with representation from all religious communities in the country to replace with a true alternative government. Yet BNP headed by Khaleda holds the key to form an alternative government in a broader alliance with parties pledged to maintaining the issues raised in Canada conference.