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After killing own mother spread 5 pieces in the paddy field

Rai Kishori
October 23, 2020 1:28 pm
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In order to survive without paying the dues in Noakhali and to embezzle ancestral property, Humayun killed his mother and scattered 5 pieces in the paddy field of a creditor. Then he became a plaintiff and filed a case.

The incident took place at Jahajmara village of Charjabbar union in Subarnachar upazila of Noakhali. Police recovered the body parts from the paddy field of Amir Hossain of the village.

Police have unveiled the mystery of the rescue of five pieces of the body of a woman named Nurjahan from a paddy field. The plaintiff in the case is Humayun Kabir, the son of the woman who was the mastermind of the brutal murder. He was assisted by seven people, including two relatives and a butcher friend.

Chittagong Range DIG Mohammad Anwar Hossain said this at a press conference at the office of the district superintendent of police on Thursday (October 22). Humayun Kabir also gave a confessional statement in the court on the same day.

The DIG said that Humayun Kabir, son of Nurjahan Begum, did this to survive without paying the interest money brought in the custody of his mother and to embezzle the ancestral property. He then filed a case with the Charjabbar police station.

Police recovered one part of the head and body on October 6 and three more parts the next day at noon on October 8.

Humayun, the mastermind of the assassination, came out 15 days after the incident. Police have arrested five people including Humayun. There are still two fugitives. The two arrested persons pleaded guilty and testified under section 164 in the court.

District Superintendent of Police Alamgir Hossain told a news conference that Humayun Kabir’s half-brother Belal died a year and a half ago. Belal borrowed Tk 4 lakh from moneylenders, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for raising cattle, fish farming and doing business. As Belal died, the responsibility of the installment fell on his mother Nurjahan Begum.

Moneylenders and NGO workers pressured Humayun and his mother to pay the installments. For this Humayun requested his mother to sell the land in the name of his brother Belal. As Nurjahan did not agree to this, the mother-son conflict started. Due to this Humayun planned to kill his mother.

The superintendent of police further said that according to the pre-plan, Humayun had a meeting with his cousin Kalam alias Mamun, seven of them including the husband of his cousin’s sister on the night of October 8. According to the plan taken at that meeting, they killed Nurjahan Begum in the middle of the night with a pillow in her sleep. Later, along with professional butcher Nur Islam, the body was cut into five pieces by the creditor and scattered in the paddy field of Amir Hossain of the same village at night. Then Humayun himself became the plaintiff and filed a case so that he would not be noticed by the police or others.