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Free computer training for minority students

Info Desk: Bangladesh government approved institute ‘NTIIT‘ has announced to provide office management course,  graphic design, web design etc. free training for minority students. This free class will be held every week on weekends.

NTIIT has been training in various computer courses for the last three years. The students are working efficiently in government and non-government organizations at home and abroad.

In this continuation, this will provide free computer training to minority students. In addition, the majority of students have the opportunity to get 20% to 40% discount on other courses including graphic design, hardware maintenance, web design, digital marketing, SEO, outsourcing, ICT, one-year diploma and six-month diploma.

NTIIT founder chief executive Promithias Chowdhury said, “We want to educate them by educating them in technical education so that the minority students are not neglected, they can live up to their head.

Qualifications: Head of the training course said, the training course has been divided into two categories. The training will be given from 9am to 11pm and from 3:30 pm to 5pm on Friday. Anyone passed SSC can participate in this course. Apart from this, people of any age group can also do this course.

Application and Selection Process: NTIIT authorities have said that certificates of minority students are required to be submitted to the representatives of their respective areas, UP chairman or minority leaders. The candidate must be a citizen of Bangladesh.

The admission form can be found on the website of NTIIT. Fill up the application form and submit two copies of passport size photographs, National ID card or photocopies of birth certificate, at the NTIIT website (

The head of the institute said, if the number of applicants in any course will be selected through oral examination. Written tests may be taken if too much application is received. Candidate’s behavior will be seen in oral examination. Besides, if you want to get training or if you take the training, how much he will benefit. Backward people will be given priority in sorting.

Training type

The head of the institute said, this training will be provided through modern equipment and experienced trainers. 100% of the trainees will be trained in practical. Trainers will monitor and give their feedback to all the work done by the trainees. The main goal of the training of the trainees is to take the skillful training. Every trainee will be trained through a different computer.


There will be an effort to provide jobs to the trained NTIIT organizations at various institutions. At the end of the course of the job, the presence of the class will be considered, the candidate’s skill will be verified. At the end of the course, the trainee name will be included in the NTIIT database in the database.

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