World Water Day

World Water Day

A.N.M. Afzal Hossain:  On March 22 . Today is World Water Day. This year’s theme of “waste water management.” 1992 in the Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) No. 21 according to the “World Water Day” celebrations are proposed. Since 1993, which is observed as a day of World Water Day.

Members of the United Nations and various non-governmental organizations fresh water and protect water resources in order to build awareness about this “World Water Day” is special programs. According to UN estimates, about 17% of the total number of persons deprived of the right to safe potable water. Due to industrialization, amount of water, the liquid turns into the sediments. Now the water is due to the United Nations called on everyone to prevent or reduce waste. If we were not there the water crisis but safe drinking water crisis in our country. Dhaka, Chittagong and other industrial areas such as a lot of freshwater or drinking water are being made liquid wastes.

Modern items from the water treatment plant, there is no action. Not only freely factory liquid wastes being dumped into the river. Including natural reservoir that becomes contaminated. Bangladesh is a downstream country, at least 57 international rivers flowing through Bangladesh. But the above countries do not accept international water policy.

The stream flows from upstream rivers has been closed, allowing water from the sea into the land arable land to come up above the increased salinity of arable land is being lost. As a result of water scarcity and desertification in the northern part of the country’s dry season has begun. That’s the “World Water Day” is a kind of significance in Bangladesh.

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