Musical Heritage of India by Akbar Hussain Taronto Canada

  Ancient Indian wisdom is like an ocean of knowledge. It contains the essence of all human knowledge in a disciplined and spiritual way. Many years ago an American friend asked me why Indian music is so blissful and empowering. I told him that our music was primarily developed as an offering to the deities and gradually it developed into ...

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British Couple visits Bangladesh by Bicycle

ব্রিটিশ দম্পতির সাইকেলে বাংলাদেশ ভ্রমণ

British Couple Mr Ewan Paterson and Katie Halliday recently visited Bangladesh by bicycle as a part of their world tour. They will travel  22000km distance in  31 countries and Bangladesh is one of those. They started their ride on 2nd October 2016 from London and by this time they have visited 12 countries. On 22nd March 2017 they had arrived ...

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Jago Hindu Parishad believes in work

Jago Hindu Parishad

JHP Reports: Yesterday Jago Hindu Parishad (J.H.P) has been provided The holy books  Sreemad Vagavodh Gita to the representative  of Jago Hindu Parishad (J.H.P)- Rangamati branch for the purpose of learning, acquiring  spiritual Knowledge  and  for become united our Hindu society . At that time JHP Central general secretary was present and he exchange the views among each others.

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Tour to Cox’s Bazar

  By – Arghya Sarkar Class- 1 (C), BIT English Medium School Dhaka.     We went by Bangladesh Biman to Cox’s Bazar. We stayed Motel Upal for a day. On 2nd Day we went to Saint Martin by ship. There, I feed many sea gulls and we stayed 2 days over there at Staint Martin Island. Then we back ...

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Happy New Year’s greetings to everyone

Happy New Year To Everyone

The News of visitors, well-wishers, advertisers, and are members of English Happy New Year’s greetings. Bring to life the new year bring success, happiness and peace of clean, Bangladesh and peace throughout the world, whether through abed section, let’s all gone wrong-oppressed, tortured. Let off the murder, disappearances, murder, strife, war and all kinds of atrocities. We’re at the beginning ...

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Goverdhan Puja was celebrating at Replica Goverdhan

Subal Das: Replica Goverdhan and Utkal Vrindaban sanctified with the sacred foot steps of Lord ShriKrishnaChaitanya Mahaprabhu to be renovated and brought up as an icon for the whole Globe attracting the Pilgrims with Intellectual as well as Devotional thoughts to research on the subject matters relating to Devotional as well as Environmental Science.   Replica Goverdhan situated between the ...

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Champions League: Holders Real Madrid, Leicester City advance to last 16; Tottenham Hotspur out

Online desk: Leicester City kept their Champions League dreams aflame on Tuesday, cruising into the last 16 with a 2-1 win over Belgium’s Club Brugge, where they were joined by Real Madrid – but not a crestfallen Tottenham Hotspur.Joining the hopeful debutants and the holders on the night were Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen and Monaco. They join last year’s runners-up Atletico ...

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